Question: Do you travel? If so, how far?

Yes, our travel rate is .50 per mile ROUND TRIP. Mileage is calculated using MapQuest.com from the Putnam Princess Parties location in Winfield, WV.

Question: Where do we go for the party?

Triple P is full service. You just name the place and time and Triple P brings the party to you! Of course, you can rent our party room and host your shindig with us as well!

Question: Do you provide the costumes that the guests wear?

No. Guests do not have to wear princess costumes, but it is encouraged! They get into the mood more in costume!

Question: Each party package is for 10- does this include
the birthday girl?

Yes. Each additional guest in a package that is $135 or greater is an additional $5-$10 depending on which package you choose. This goes toward covering supplies for their activities.

Question: Do I need to include babies and toddlers in my count for the party?

Not if they aren’t old enough to do the activities, but we need to know if we need to bring games/activities for children under the age of 3 that are somewhat active.

Question: Are parents allowed to tip the princess?

Tipping is allowed but it will be nothing that the princess is expecting. If you feel her performance was tip-worthy, by all means. Many of our actresses are still in school and this is a great help to them!

Question: Can boys come?

Absolutely! Most games and activities are suitable for all ages and genders.

Question: Can adults take pictures/video during the party?

Yes!!! Take as many as you can and tag them to PPPLLC on Facebook (Putnam Princess Parties LLC), Twitter (@Putnam_Parties), and Instagram (putnamprincesspartiesllc). We do ask that if a child shouldn’t be featured on social media that you let us know. Please ask your guests coming if they don’t want their child to be photographed. Our princesses love to take pictures with the children and put them on our pages, so please make the princess aware ahead of time if they cannot be featured so she can strategically place them on the end during group photos and crop them later if necessary.

Question: What should I do upon arrival of the princess?

The phone number you put on your contract should be the number of the phone you will have by your side on party day. If a princess is lost or needs help, she needs to be able to contact you. Please keep your phone close. Try to have someone waiting outside for the princess to bring her into the party. This way the princess will know she has made it to the correct location and can make a proper entrance and have help carrying supplies.

Question: What do I need to provide and what should I observe?

It just depends on what package you order. We can get your details straight before the party. However, Triple P asks that all homes be smoke free and that pets be kept somewhere other than the party room (can’t risk the lift of a leg on the train of a dress!). Also, if you notice a child is upset or interfering with the activities of others, that child should be taken to the side by a parent. Princesses bring knick knacks for children who are shy, younger, or just not playing well with others. PLEASE DO NOT MAKE THE PRINCESS SET A CHILD OFF TO THE SIDE. This will interfere with the experience.

Question: When and how do I pay?

We accept cash, check, credit cards and PayPal. Each character requires a $40 deposit upon booking with a contract to reserve your date, time and location. Your remaining balance plus mileage is due the week of your party (no less than 48 hours before).

Question: How do I actually reserve a princess?

Contact Putnam Princess Parties via Facebook (Putnam Princess Parties LLC) or Email (putnamprincesspartiesllc@outlook.com). Send us your party date, time, location and desired character and package. We need all of this first before we can check availability. After that is confirmed, you will be emailed a contract. You must then print off the contract and snail mail it back with your $40 deposit or full amount to lock down your date (You may also email the contract back and pay your deposit with a card or paypal). If your contract is not returned within 2 weeks of receiving it you will be taken off the tentative party list. Your entire balance is due the week of the party. This can be paid via credit card or PayPal as well.